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Mark Pacitti

Head of Fire and Security

At Valley Group, we are dedicated to providing first-rate fire and security solutions to ensure the safety and protection of your property. Our team of experienced and qualified professionals work closely with clients to deliver comprehensive services for projects of all sizes.

We design, install, and maintain advanced fire alarm systems to provide early detection and warning in the event of a fire. Our systems are tailored to your specific requirements and comply with all relevant UK regulations and standards. Our team offers a variety of fire suppression solutions, including sprinkler systems and gas suppression systems, to help control and extinguish fires quickly and effectively. We also provide design, installation, and maintenance of emergency lighting systems to ensure safe evacuation in the event of a power outage or fire.

We provide regular maintenance and monitoring services to ensure your fire and security systems remain in optimal condition and comply with all relevant regulations.

Our CCTV and surveillance solutions help you monitor your property 24/7, providing an effective deterrent against crime and allowing for quick response in case of an incident.

We offer a range of access control solutions, including keyless entry, biometrics, and intercom systems, to help you manage and control access to your property. Our team designs and installs reliable intruder alarm systems to protect your property from unauthorised entry and alert you in case of a security breach.

What we deliver

  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Fire Supression Systems
  • Emergency Lighting
  • CCTV and Surveillance
  • Access Control Systems
  • Intruder Alarm Systems
  • System Maintenance and Monitoring

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Fire & Security Case Studies

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